Do you want to replace your original audio with another spoken audio for a programme, a documentary, or a film? dubbing is a process of replacing the original voice with the translated spoken audio.  Every time there is a video or an animation which needs to be delivered in a foreign language, you need dubbing. At Dubcom Creative we provide all kinds of dubbing from narration to news programming and lip synch.

Our producers will help you find the right voice for your project and then we will direct you through the casting, recording, quality control, final mix and delivery.

We offer :
1. Off screen Voice over( Narration)
2. Voice and Dialogue Replacement
3. Lip – Synch Dubbing
4. Animation Dubbing
5. Documentary Dubbing


We provide the replacement of voices of original actors shown on screen with those of different performers. We offer variety of voices for you to choose from and give you the best voice depending upon your budget.

Cartoon Characters & Animated Series

No childhood will ever be complete without watching cartoon movies. We give you the best cartoon movie viewing experience with the most effective voice over artists dubbing for your favourite cartoon characters and any animation series.